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You will be able to utilize this site to inquire on the status of a permit for parcels or projects within the Town limits.

FOR RESIDENTS : If you are wanting to do a general permit search on a property or project, you may do so by entering the address below in the "Service Address" box in the Public Information Search area. You will not need to create an account for general inquiries.  

FOR CONTRACTORS: To submit permit email in to , you must first activate your account. You will need to know your Town of Davie license number when setting up your account. If you do not know or need help obtaining this information, please contact our office at 954-797-2066 or via email at

* We do not accept payments online or any pre-pay  permit fees until they have been calculated and confirmed by the Building Department as ready for payment.
** When the permit has been approved and fees are attached an  email will be sent from a staff member with the correct  fees due.
Please note: When doing a search on a permit number, once you select the permit, the fees listed here are incorrect, if you scroll down to conditions this will give the status of the permit. 

Thank you for contacting the Town of Davie Building Division.
Our operating hours are Monday – Thursday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Inspection requests received before 4:30 p.m. will be added to the inspection schedule for the next business day.
For inspection requests received on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Town Observed Holiday, the requested date will be changed to the next business day, and the inspection will be completed the business day after the inspection request date.

For example:
The request received on Saturday, October 5, will be modified to being received on the next business day, Monday, October 7. The inspection would occur the following business day on Tuesday, October 8.

Important notice relating to roofing inspections:
Property owners and roofing contractors, please assist us in expediting the roofing inspection process by having an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) approved ladder set up and secured to the roof on the job site on the inspection day for the inspector to perform the inspection.
Thank you,
Town of Davie Building Division


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